Welcome to Media Community Network Limited

Media Community Network gives a voice to those who would not otherwise be heard, attracting groups in schools or communities by the excitement of using film as a tool for learning.

Using documentary film projects, Media Community Network aims to engage with people of all types, helping them to explore matters of concern to them in an entirely constructive way.


Each project facilitates dialogue between people or peer groups who would be unlikely otherwise to talk openly to eachother.


The exposure generates an overall positive influence due to the shared nature of the film product - leading to increased self-esteem and improved 'citizenship' within a school or community and dispelling prejudices.


Comedy adds humour and sets the tone of engagement both for audience and participents.


Valuable skills are aquired by the participants:



    Working as part of a team
    How to carry out research
    Executing instructions
    Understanding different people and cultures, as well as different viewpoints
    Making a difference in their community through personal contribution